Why choose Essential Waterblasting?

For a property that looks its best and maintains its value, Essential Waterblasting should be your first call. If your fences and retaining walls are looking dirty, mouldy or stained, it doesn’t just look bad; it’s likely damaging your valuable exterior and landscaping assets and reducing their longevity.

Our professional team uses specialised techniques and equipment to restore the beauty and integrity of your fences and retaining walls. Our methods will remove stains, prevent rot and prolong the lifespan.

Our team uses specialised equipment and techniques to remove all types of stains and restore the beauty of your fence and retaining wall. Scheduling regular maintenance with Essential Waterblasting will ensure that minor issues don’t snowball into costly problems.

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Our Approach

We approach all fence and retaining wall cleaning services with a specialised treatment process. When it comes to moss, lichen, and mould, it’s important to ensure you treat the area after waterblasting to inhibit the regrowth that will inevitably occur if it is left untreated.

Call our expert team to book a consultation, and we will advise you whether you need to opt for a pressure wash, chemical clean – or both.

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