Do you use our water?

Yes, we do. We will bring a tank full most of the time but we will be connecting to your water source.

Do we need to be home? Will you need to get inside our home?

No you do not have to be home. We do require windows closed, gates unlocked if you have any, no clothes to be out to dry and anything you don’t want wet to be put inside.

Do you use chemicals?

We do a chemical wash for the houses so it is low pressure that won’t damage your home. The other main chemical we use, is for roof treatments. All chemicals are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. SDS sheets can be provided on request.

Do we need to clear anything off the decks/patios?

Only if we are doing deck or patio cleans. We do appreciate things moved away from your home when we do a house wash, so we are able to do a thorough clean.

Will my plants be OK?

Absolutely. After every job, plants are rinsed down thoroughly. Any plants that you are very worried about, please let us know and we can cover them with a tarpaulin or something alike to ease the concern.

Will water get inside?

As much as we don’t want water to get inside, some windows may leak. Older windows more so but our techniques have been refined so minimal water (if any) gets in.

What should we do with our pets?

We love pets, but we do need them either inside or away from the property for the length of the job. We don’t want to get any chemicals on them, nor do we want them to get under our feet and accidentally hurt them.

What if we need to reschedule?

If you need to reschedule, please let us know at least 24hours beforehand. We book out our days and we will be able to schedule a job in for the time slot allocated for you if you do need to rebook. A charge may be added to the job if we arrive to your home and has to be rescheduled due to a something that is preventable on your side. Please read the T’s & C’s

How long will the roof treatment take to work?

Roof treatments take up to 6 months for it to properly work. It will turn white or brown then start to deteriorate. Treatments need to be sprayed on a day where there is minimal to no wind and also no rain for a minimum of 2.5 hours after spraying.

We are on tank water, what will happen?

Tanks have an inlet valve that can be undone. With roof treatments, the inlet valve needs to be left off for about 5-6 good downpours of rain for the chemical to be flushed properly. House wash, we can flush it out that day. Another way, we can release the downpipes from the gutters so no water is flowing down. Gutters flushed that day.

Will you be using high pressure?

Only high pressure is used when we need to pressure wash concrete, bricks, decks, fences and surfaces alike. We use low pressure which is a soft wash on painted surfaces and cedar.

Do you work weekends?

We can work weekends on request.

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